Angel Cakes – What are they?

At the NPC Gold Coast Classic, these cupcakes at the Oddo’s Angels Booth looked great. What were these cupcakes doing at a bikini contest? I soon found out why, and how the competitors enjoyed them. Here is the story from Candice Conroy.


How could anyone not love a cupcake? They are so cute, delicious, and portion controlled; yet they have all that darn butter and sugar. Oh boo! But wait…just your luck…Angel Cakes has arrived! What are Angel Cakes you ask? They are a “Sinlessly Sweet” treat. In other words, it is a cleaner version of the traditional cupcake. The name comes from being a part of the Oddo’s Angels family.

I have created Angel Cakes in an effort to support competitors with a post-show treat. I always hear of athletes eating the wrong foods after they compete. We all work so hard to get to where we want to be, and then with a few poor food choices to satisfy a craving, it can all be thrown away. And for what? “Sugar!”

I can relate to this dilemma because I let it happen twice in the year and half I have been competing. Being apart of a team that’s more like a family I have become close with so many. We recognize the need for supporting our fellow competitors in successful and healthy fitness journeys, whether it be on or off the stage. Creating Angel Cakes is my way of giving back to them and other competitors.

At competitions, I do not like to see family members, friends and other competitors bring an athlete bakery boxes filled with cupcakes, cookies, and doughnuts for “after-show chow-down”. This is not helpful. If you can support an athlete through their contest prep, then let us be even stronger in supporting and encouraging them post show. We all know every girl’s dream isn’t to find Prince Charming. It is to eat whatever she wants and not gain a single pound (cause were all fat kids at heart).

This is why I created Angel Cakes! I wanted to be able to provide competitors with a cleaner option that will satisfy their craving, without derailing all of their progress. The basic ingredients I use are oats, Greek yogurt, almond milk, eggs, vanilla extract, Stevia…and of course, a secret ingredient. Depending on what flavor you pick, each cupcake is between 60 and 90 calories.