NPC Men’s Physiques – Thoughts by Isaac Hinds

Originally posted on, here is some of Isaac Hinds’ thoughts, tips and more on the new NPC Men’s Physique division. Isaac Hinds himself is days out from the first NPC Men’s Physique contest in Colorado, at Jeff Taylor’s NPC Northern Colorado contest. Here is what Isaac Hinds wrote about what he thinks about the division.

One of the first big shows of 2011 featured the new division of the NPC, Men’s Physique. Promoter Jon Lindsay wisely chose to add the new division to his popular event, the Muscle Contest. The contest drew 47 physique competitors to the stage, which ended up out numbering the men’s bodybuilding entrants. Now before you die hard bodybuilding fans freak out, don’t worry bodybuilding is not being phased out. Bodybuilding is the backbone of the industry and will continue to survive. Female bodybuilding is going through it’s own changes and we’ll see how things play out with that side of things at the NPC JR USA in May, where the first women’s physique pro cards will be awarded.

NPC Musclecontest Men’s Physique Photos

Ron Avidan was at the NPC Musclecontest Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and Men’s Physique contest on March 26, 2011 at the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in Culver City, California, and captured the competitors on stage at the first NPC Men’s Physique contest in California. 

Here are the pictures, on, of the competitors. Based on the number of competitors, this is a very successful start to the new division.

Click below to check out the pictures.

2011 NPC Men’s Physique Pictures

2011 NPC Musclecontest Men’s Physique Results

In the first NPC Men’s Physique contest in California, on March 26, in Culver City, California, a huge turnout of 46 competitors came out to compete in this new division in three open classes, and one Master’s Class.  Alex Carneiro won the overall, beating out Class B winner Peter Le, and Class A winner Wes Taitano. Here are the results.

NPC Introduces Men’s Physique Division

In late 2010, the NPC introduced a new division, called the Men’s Physique. What will it entail? What type of physique are they looking for? Here we are, in 2011, and the first NPC Men’s Physique contest will be arriving in March.

Here are the guidelines, and judging criteria for the new division.